an exploration
of the materiality and the placement
of images
by Tim Otto Roth

The apperance during the second cycle 2003/04 at the most northern knot of the WWW was the initial point to discuss with people from science, art and the it-sector. In interviews the nature of digital images and the implications of the imaging process are reflected. (more...)

For a period of 100 days images are continually changed at one half of a image per day.  During the first cycle in 2002 of the project the pictures appeared parallel to document 11  as a digital projection of 9 by 11 meters on the campus of the university of Kassel and at the same time on a flatscreen in the Walter Storms Gallery in Munich. (more...)

next 100 days extended the current project on a global scale in 2003. Each day an Imachination will apear in different places and in different contexts. 2004 a presentation platform in Germany will be the ZKM. (more...)
100 Imachinations throw light on the relationship between machine and the human imagination. Each Imachination is generated by the overlay of two patterns of vertical scales. Each day half of the Imachination is changed.(more... )
Pi  Step by step the digits behind the decimal point of Pi are used to define the number of scales and the arrangement of colors. The irregularity of Pi challenges pictorially the classic principles of composition and imagination. 
Place  The original „home“ of  an Imachination is for one day the space on the harddisk of an internetserver.  
(im)materiality The Imachinations keep fugitive, temporary apperances, which are loaded by a especially for this purpose made program from a server   on the internet. The materialisation happens on the presentation place where the Imachinations appear in different medial garments.  
Emptiness  The realisation as projection is empty most of the time. E.g. the projection screen in Kassel showed just its white material colour during daylight hours. The Imachinations first appear at dusk. The interesting point is that the screen is not changed materialistically but changes its appearance.   
Network The first 100 Imachinations were presented on the campus of the University of Kassel, in the Walter Storms Gallery in Munich and on for shorter period on the exhibition computer art 2.002 in Gladbeck by using the same picture via internet.(more...)
Slowdown The 100 Imachinations work basically like an extremly decelerated movie. Only one frame of a four second clip appears each day.

Internet  The serial development and daily change of the Imachinations can be followed via internet. During the project each day a detail of the current Imachination is published on the website. A webcam and photographs document the appearance on the locations.