Paranal Observatory

In Autumn 2004 the European Southern Observatories (ESO) invited Tim Otto Roth to visit as the first artist the Paranal Observatory in Chile. There he got an insight in the fascinating facility in the worlds driest desert. The highlight was to assist an observing night in the telescopes control room.

View on the "Residencia" with the glass dome - the place where the Imachinations could appear.
The observatorium is situated on the mountain in the background.

The current outline for the presentation of the Imachinations is a projection in the “Residencia”. This is a monastery like facility built by the German architects Auer & Weber to house the astronomers. There the light of the projection does not disturb the nocturnal observations. Referring to the interference images made by the VLTI the “Residencia” was prospected for corresponding places. Finally the pool with its subtle superimposing wave play is an ideal place for the presentation.

Simulations for a presentation as pojection on the ground of the pool in the "Residencia" (Piscina)

Double play of waves: The Imachinations and the water interferences of the pool surface.

Arriving at Paranal it is quite a surprise to meet a jungle like atmosphere with a swimming pool at the worlds driest place.

Simulation Webcam