dynamic places on a dynamic ground

A very interesting playground for the Imachinations are ships. On board the imachinations as dynamic images could get a dynamic place. 

ships may constitute a temporal, delocalised home for the imachinations

ships: symbol for global exchange

Above all ships are connecting elements. 
They constitute a mobile connection between at least two shores. Sea trade  is a classical form of global exchange of information by different cultural goods.

more sketches with vessel ships


container ship
Ferries are moving platforms of cultural overlay (e.g. in Istanbul).

 But there is yet another appeal to present the imachinations on a ship. The Imachinations as interference images can be reflected and refracted by the play of the sea surfaces the immaterial model meets its material subject. (more...)

a ferry ship: projection on the bow

possible places of the Imachinations on a ferry ship

difficult conditions of projection may afford the use of a mirror

projection on the bow: because a projector can not be installed outside, the projection has to be realized with a mirror