coming soon: XX oder "der Mummelsee in der Pfanne"
opening 19 Feburary 2016
In recent years Tim Otto Roth has called attention with spectacular light and sound art works in public space between Rome and New York. This exceptional museum exhibit in Offenburg reveals that this is only one facet of his broad spectrum of artistic creation. For the first time it gives insight to his conceptual approach and his manifold forms of expression in the oeuvre crossing the boundaries between the arts and sciences. The seven spaces of the Municipal Gallery open up a kaleidoscope of different works: to be it the political aesthetics of the Black Forest water mill, the mapping of the shadow world of the domestic flora or the model of complexity in 'aura calculata' designed especially for this exhibition. This light and sound sculpture based on transparent organ pipes in combination with a refined liquid system invites the visitor to explore the underlying principle. Finally, Tim Otto Roth's expanded concept of art as a "physics of art" becomes a visual and acoustic experience.