Quo vadis ars?

The situation in the cultural sector has been described and discussed in numerous interviews, corona diaries, comments and reports in the past few weeks. Our annotated collection of currently 193 sources gathers voices from different sectors and media. This creates a picture of the cultural landscape in crisis, whose temporal transformation can be explored interactively via a dedicated tag cloud.


Zurück zum Bettler-Status . Künstler in der Krise
Back to beggar status . Artists in crisis

by Helmut Mauró (02 May 2020)
Original source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

It can only be out of desperation that musicians the Corona crisis give away their work on the Internet - at least that's how Herlmut Mauró interprets it in his commentary in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In doing so, they not only degrade themselves - Mauró feels reminded of former conductors who stood at the podium not in tailcoats but in their employer's service uniform - but can lend little weight to their demand for state support. After all, our economic system determines the value of a performance by its remuneration. And so it is only a logical consequence that within the framework of the Corona aid programme, an old support programme has been rededicated and now, above all, new forms of presentation of music are being promoted rather than the work of freelance musicians, ensembles and orchestras. 

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tag Onlineangebote Künstlerförderung Gratiskultur
Music Kommentar

Kultur in der Corona-Krise . Erwacht endlich aus der Schockstarre!
Culture during Corona Crisis . Finally wake up from freeze mode!

by Marco Frei, Christian Wildhagen (01 May 2020)
Original source: Neue Züricher Zeitung


tag Klassische Musik Konzerthäuser Gleichbehandlung Bundesliga Großveranstaltungen Onlineangebote Hygieneregeln
Music Beitrag

Wie verändert Corona die Kunstwelt?
How does Corona Changes the Art World?

by Sara Steinert (30 Apr 2020)
Original source: Kunst und Leben. Der Monopol-Podcast

tag Soforthilfe Netzkunst Galerien Daniel Birnbaum Elke Buhr Alexander Kluge Zoë Claire Miller
Visual Arts/Design Podcast

. #KulturTrotztCorona
General strike against starving culture . #CultureDefyingCorona

by Peter Weibel (28 Apr 2020)
Original source: Kulturnews

The magazine Kulturnews calls on its homepage under the hashtag #KulturTrotztCorona protagonists from different cultural sectors to show the "resistance of the cultural scene under the most adverse circumstances" and at the same time to document the effects of the crisis. The kick-off for this series is made with a statement by the Austrian media artist, curator and media theorist Prof. Peter Weibel, head of the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe. Peter Weibel begins his contribution with a fundamental discussion about the role of culture in society.p> Read More Read Less

tag Streik Wissenschaft artistic research Peter Weibel
Visual Arts/Design Statement

Hilferuf der Galeristen in NRW
Cry for help by art dealers in North Rhine-Westphalia

by Rupert Pfab (28 Apr 2020)
Original source: WDR 3

The two Düsseldorf gallery owners, Daniela Steinfeld and Rupert Pfab, sent an impassioned letter to the state government in North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to the Minister for Culture and Science Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen, they also address Prime Minister Armin Laschet and the Minister of Economy Andreas Pinkwart. They not only call for a drop in VAT to 7 percent to support the galleries in the long term, but above all for a special purchase budget for the purchase of art for museums and foundations. With the purchase of contemporary art, the gallery owners are c onvinced that the art business could be given meaningful support in the economic crisis that is coming up to us.

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tag Galerien Kunstmarkt Kunstförderung Ankaufsetat Mehrwertsteuer
Visual Arts/Design Interview

Wie Corona die Kunst demokratisiert . Historisches Missverständnis
How Corona Democratizes Art . A Historical Misunderstanding

by Richard Kämmerlings (27 Apr 2020)
Original source: Welt

tag Aura Kunstgenuss Streaming Walter Benjamin
Visual Arts/Design Beitrag

Wie könnte ein New Deal für die Kunst aussehen? . Kulturpolitik nach Corona
What could a New Deal for Art Look Like? . Cultural Policy after Corona

by Kolja Reichert (25 Apr 2020)
Original source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

tag Kulturförderung Honorare Monika Grütters
Visual Arts/Design Beitrag

Die Aussichten: grau bis düster . Künstler und die Corona-Krise
The prospects: grey to gloomy . Artists and the Corona crisis

by Eva-Maria Magel (22 Apr 2020)
Original source: Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The Hessian Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir has written to the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmeier. He is not only concerned that many artists are currently falling through the ranks of emergency aid, but also that there are no uniform regulations for the industry in the individual federal states. This is all the more dramatic because it is precisely the cultural and creative industries that will be affected the longest by the effects of the crisis. A solution to the problem hasn't appeared at the horizon so far. Municipal aid funds and p rivate fundraising campaigns are a current attempt to prevent the worst from happening.

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tag Hessen Soforthilfe Hartz IV Großveranstaltungen Tarek Al-Wazir Peter Altmaier
All sections Bericht

Sehr geehrte Frau Staatsministerin Professor Monika Grütters
Dear Miss Minister of State for Culture Professor Monika Grütters

by Lisa Batiashvili, Matthias Goerne, Thomas Hengelbrock, Anne-Sophie Mutter, René Pape, Christian Thielemann (19 Apr 2020)
Original source: offener Brief

Representing all the well-known and unknown artists, the signatories to the open letter turn to Monika Grütters for support. They are disappointed with the offer of the Minister of State for Culture that artists can apply for social welfare and that there are few other offers of help for the cultural sector. This reveals that art is understood as a luxury for good times and is not equated to other industries.

tag Grundsicherung Monika Grütters Kunst als Luxus Lisa Batiashvili Matthias Goerne Thomas Hengelbrock Anne-Sophie Mutter René Pape Christian Thielemann
Music offener Brief

Bühnenverein kritisiert Schweigen der Politik . Ulrich Khuon zur Lage der Theater
Bühnenverein criticizes the silence of politics . Ulrich Khuon on the situation of the theatres

by Vladimir Balzer, Ulrich Khuon (19 Apr 2020)
Original source: Deutschlandfunk Kultur

In view of the first easing that German politics announces in the corona crisis, the director of the German Theater Ulrich Khuon finds it extremely worrying that artists do not seem to be involved in the thinking and speaking of politics. He accuses politicians of a breach of trust, which also shows that the importance of culture as an important political sphere of action is not recognized.

tag Theater Spielzeit
Performing Arts/ Cinema Interview



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