Quo vadis ars?

The situation in the cultural sector has been described and discussed in numerous interviews, corona diaries, comments and reports in the past few weeks. Our annotated collection of currently 193 sources gathers voices from different sectors and media. This creates a picture of the cultural landscape in crisis, whose temporal transformation can be explored interactively via a dedicated tag cloud.


Kunst gehört zur Grundversorgung
Art belongs to the basic amenities

by Marcus Woeller (19 Apr 2020)
Original source: Welt

The cultural and creative industries have been hit hard by the lockdown. With the discussion of the first easing of the lockdown, galleries and exhibition houses will probably be able to open again. This is important not only for the exhibition houses that lack the entrance fees for the programme work, but also for the art market. Collectors would like to see works in the original and not in the digital showroom. Galleries open to visitors is the precondition for the art market to recover. Until then, we hope that the smaller galleries will be able to persevere, as they make an important contribution to the basic supply of art. 

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tag Museen Galerien Kunstmarkt Einnahmeausfälle freie Mitarbeiter
Visual Arts/Design Bericht

Vor dem Ersticken
Before suffocation

by Andreas Kilb (18 Apr 2020)
Original source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The initial easing of the situation towards a normal everyday life allows the citizens in Germany to breathe a sigh of relief. But that does not apply to the cultural sector. In the »name of epidemiological reason« culture is being squeezed all the breath out. With this image, Andreas Kilb illustrates very impressively the situation in the creative industry since the start of the lockdown and fears that many will not survive the stranglehold for much longer.

tag Hartz IV Lebensmittel Monika Grütters Markus Söder
Performing Arts/ Cinema Debatte

Das romantische Genie, das gar nicht anders kann, also großartige Kunst zu schaffen, ist ein Modell, so Elke Buhr in ihrem Kommentar im @MonopolMagazin zur aktuellen Lage der Künster*innen. . Kunst ist und bleibt kein normaler Job
Culture free of charge on the Web . Art Buisness is not a conventional job

by Elke Buhr (08 Apr 2020)
Original source: Monopol

tag Onlineangebote Künstlerbild Unternehmer Jerry Saltz
Visual Arts/Design Kommentar

Dann muss der alte Hamlet wieder ran . Theater in der Corona-Krise
Recycling old Hamlet . Theatre in Corona crisis

by Tobi Müller (08 Apr 2020)
Original source: Zeit

The theaters in the German-speaking countries are hard hit by the corona-related closure. Depending on their legal status, bankruptcy is lurking as threat. In any case, the repertoire will have to be increasingly recycled in the coming seasons to save costs. The artistic work will be in economy mode.

tag Theater Repertoire Rücklagen Kurzarbeit Bernd Sibler
Performing Arts/ Cinema Bericht

Ohne Lesungen, Publikum und Geld . Literarische Debüts in Zeiten von Corona
Without readings, audience and money . Making literary debuts in the times of Corona

by Kristine Harthauer (06 Apr 2020)
Original source: SWR 2

Authors finance themselves primarily through readings. If these were canceled due to the corona pandemic, it is a financial loss. However, the debutants are particularly affected. Since they do not yet have a regular readership, they are now barely able to find a place on the market. With online offers, you can only reach those you already know.

tag Roman Debüt Lesungen Onlineangebote
Literature/ Text Bericht

Situation der kleinen Verlage in der Coronakrise
Situation of small publishers during Corona crisis

by Martina Senghas (02 Apr 2020)
Original source: SWR 2

With the cancellation of the Leipzig Book Fair, publishers' sales have plummeted. The small, independent publishers in particular find it difficult to compensate for the slump in sales, especially since their cooperation partners, the independent book shops, are currently closed. Publishers are currently expecting a drop in sales of up to 90 percent for the spring business.

tag Neuerscheinungen Buchmesse unabhängige Verlage
Literature/ Text Bericht

»Literatur braucht Gedrängel« . Buchmarkt in der Corona-Krise
»Literature needs the crowd« . Corona crisis and the Book Market

by Tom Kraushaar, Richard Kämmerlings (27 Mar 2020)
Original source: Welt

tag Verlage Homeoffice Buchbranche Buchmesse Buchhandlungen Nähe Klett-Cotta-Verlag Bettina Hitzer Antonio Scurati
Literature/ Text Interview

Nicht geschenkt! . Kinderbuchautor gegen Kostenloskultur im Netz
Not gratuitous! . Children's Book Writer against Free Online Offers

by Salah Naoura, Eckhard Roelcke (25 Mar 2020)
Original source: Deutschlandfunk Kultur

tag Kinderbuch Onlineangebote dtv Verlag Lesungen Honorar Salah Naoura Buchbranche
Literature/ Text Interview

Kunst in Zeiten von Corona . Museen und Bühnen sind kreativ im virtuellen Raum
Art in times of Corona . Creative Virtual Space Concepts by Museums and Theatres

by Wolfgang Ullrich (17 Mar 2020)
Original source: SWR 2

tag Museum virtueller Raum Kunstwahrnehmung Marta Herford Johan Holten
Visual Arts/Design Interview

»Eine Konventionalstrafe ist in jedem guten Vertrag enthalten« . Geldsorgen der Kunst
»A contractual penalty is included in every good contract« . Money worries of art

by Eva-Maria Magl (13 Mar 2020)
Original source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

tag Theater Kino Schließungen Kulturszene Frankfurt
Performing Arts/ Cinema Bericht



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