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March 07
The current issue 29 of the Czech architecture magazine zlatý řez is dealing about media facades. A four page feature presents the Pixelsex project in Rotterdam.(link to zlatý řez)

Saturday 27 January
"Das Echo der Dinge" - Matiné with photogram films curated by Tim Otto Roth. Österreichische Fotogalerie am Museum der Moderne/ Salzburg [A] (11.00). More about the screened films: preliminary program.

December 2006
"Bild und Anblick - Versuch über atmosphärisches Sehen" an interview with the philosopher recently went online. It deals about Plato as the originator of the concept of picture, the atmosphere as the big looser of traditional imaging and the weather news as greatest form of theatralization of the invisible. (more...)

November 2006
Finally the catalogue "Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht/Light art from artificial light. " has appeared! The catalogue is with more than 700 pages a quite encyclopedic book presenting much more works and and artists than shown in the past exhibition. The video chip photogram installation is presented on page 173.

Sat 14 October 2006 - 11 February 2007
On Saturday 14 October the photogram exhibition "kamera los! fotogramme im 20. jahrhundert" opens up at the Österreichische Fotogalerie am Museum der Moderne/ Salzburg [A]. Tim Otto Roth’s article "The echo of the things in the celluloid - from the cave cinema to the photogram movie" appearing in the exhibition's catalogue will be the first theoretical essay dealing about the photogram in motion. A film screening will be presented as a matinée in January 07.

Sun 8 October 2006
The "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie" (DGPh) and the "Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek der Stadt Köln" invite round: Jenseits der Photographie: Das Photogramm", public talk by Tim Otto Roth, at 11:30, Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln [D]

9 -11 September 2006
Taking Control Tim Otto Roth presented for the first time officially the "Cosmic Flash" project at the SPACE SOON Symposium taking place at the Roundhouse, London. Above all the Artscatalysts could arrange an exclusive interview with Alan Bean, the fourth man on the moon, to ask him for his cosmic flash experiences during the Apollo 12 and the Skylab mission (watch excerpt, quicktime, 2.9 Mb).

July 2006
The photogram. Light, Trace and Shadow. Finally a detailed report about the symposium at the Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe has appeared (more...)

Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, the exhibition time has been extended about three months till the beginning of August 2006, ZKM|Museum für Neue Kunst/ Karlsruhe [D]. Part of the giant light art exhibition showing works of about 230 (!) artists is also an installation of a video chip photogram. Info: www.jenseits.net

8/9 April 2006
Das Photogram. Licht, Spur und Schatten. In the context of the large exhibition “Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht” at the ZKM Karlsruhe Tim Otto Roth was invited by Peter Weibel to organize with him an interdisciplinary symposium at the beginning of April that devotes to a medium that has a special relation ship to the different spectra of light: the photogram (more...)

16-20 February 2006
"Pixelsex" the KPN Telecom Tower built by Renzo Piano changes into the world's largest media light facade. Therefore the facade controle was especially reprogramed to be connected with the internet! The next "Pixelsex" is shown parallel to Art Rotterdam '06: www.pixelsex.org

Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, ZKM|Museum für Neue Kunst/ Karlsruhe [D]
, opening 19:00, 18 November 2005; Info: www.jenseits.net

talks & courses


- Sun 8 October 2006 "Jenseits der Photographie: Das Photogramm", public talk at 11:30, Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek der Stadt Köln, Museum für Angewandte Kunst [D]
- Sat 9 - Sun 10 September 2006 "Cosmic Flash", talk at the SPACE SOON Symposium Taking Control: Spaceflight for Humans, Roundhouse London [UK].
3 July 2006 "Meine Kunst: Tim Otto Roth", public talk at the forum of Hans-Furler-Gymnasium Oberkirch [D], 19:00
- 8/9 April 2006 Das Photogram. Licht, Spur und Schatten. Conference chair together with Peter Weibel at the ZKM Karlsruhe


- 14/20 November Guest Teacher of the online discussion at UNESCO's Art, Design and Technology Master Classes in the Arab States
- 30 Octobre 2005 "Metaphors in the Sciences" - public talk of Tim Otto Roth at the PSI,Villigen/CH, 13:45
- 17/20 Octobre 2005 photogram/blueprint workshop with Tim Otto Roth at the Goethe Institute Alexandria, (10, rue des Ptolemees, Azarita)
- 16 Octobre 2005 "Cross Media - Cross Borders" - public talk of Tim Otto Roth at the Goethe Institute Alexandria, 20:30 (10, rue des Ptolemees, Azarita)
- June 8 2005 "In touch with nature? - Berührungsstrategien in Kunst und Wissenschaft" Kunsthochschule Kassel, großer Hörsaal, 19:30
- June 1 2005 "Urbild & Imachination- über Bildavantgarden jenseits der Kunst " at Künstlerkreis Offenburg (Artforum Offenburg Okenstraße 57) at 21:00
- May 24 2005 "Der Glaube an edle und schlechte Steine - über die barocke Bodenlosigkeit im Photogramm": public talk at Idar-Obersteiner Formdiskurs, 19:00

recent informations

13 November 05 - 8 January 06
Fotografie Konret - konkrete Fotografie, Museum im Kulturspeicher/ Würzburg [D]

27 Octobre 2005
"Cyano on the Beach" - exhibition of student's results of Tim Otto Roth's photogram workshop at the Goethe Institute Alexandria, opening 20:00 (10, rue des Ptolemees, Azarita)

9-11 September 2005
"Pixelsex" - a project especially created for the giant KPN Telecom ligth facade was presented during De Wereld van Witte de With festival (Rotterdam, 9-11 September 2005). The project is commissioned by KPN and curated by V2. A cooperation with the bio informatician Jörn Starruß from TU Dresden made it possible to bring "life" to the facade transmitting live via web his simulations of myxo bacteria movements. Tim Otto Roth presented his current projects in a public talk at V2 on 10 Septembre, 16:00
more: ).

28 August 2005
The Imachinations have started on Sunday August 28 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina ! The New Library of Alexandria will be a completly new playfield for the project creating for 100 days a lucent landmark in the public space of the mediterranean metropole (more...).

June 2005
Preparing the Imachinations for North Africa: Tim Otto Roth visits the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to clear the last technical details for the upcoming presentation in Autumn 2005.

15 April 2005
The Imachination Report III about the presentation at the Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe has appeared. It discusses the concept of imachination with Ludger Brümmer, Barbara Könches, Eva Schürmann, Peter Sloterdijk, Woody Vasulka & Beat Wyss.

14 March 2005
All the three big particle experiments in the United States can be watched in March at the Kunstfassade! This week the gold collision images from the STAR experiment at Brookhaven National Laborator/ US can be followed live at the artfacade Munich. Last week the BELLE-Experiment from the KEK-Accelerator Center in Tsukuba/ Japan was shown. The best time to follow the near realtime events is between 18:00 and 20:00 MET. www.kunstfassade.de/webcam

25 February 2005
The Imachination Report II about the presentation at Schloß Dagstuhl has appeared. It reports about the iconic turn or better to say the diagrammatic turn in computer science. The German printing house Kaufmann in Lahr i. Schw. sponsors the production of the next 5 Imachination Reports.

29 January 2005
Imachinations at the "Top of Europe":The Imachinations started at the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch . Since the 1930's important discoveries in the fields of physiology, meteorology, glaciology, radiation, astronomy and cosmic rays have been made at the station in Central Switzerland.

21 January 2005
"1 von 100" - an introduction and more to the presentation at the ZKM Karlsruhe by Tim Otto Roth, ZKM_Vortragssaal, 19h, admission free (more...)

01 January 2005
"Imachination or no Imachination" - the imachinative aspects of synthetic elements are the subject of the New Year Edition 04/05. The limited edition of borosilicate vials contains soil from the Iraqi desert (more...)

ˆtopˆ press review/Pressespiegel:

"A Walk on the Retinas of the Extreme Sciences: A Minimalist Concept for an Internet-Based Light Art Art Façade in Munich" - an artist statement by
Tim Otto Roth
In: Leonardo Volume 39, Issue 1 / February 2006 (105 Kb, Pdf)

Lina Attalah in the Daily Star about the Imachinations in Alexandria: "A wild imachinations", Daily Star (157 Kb, jpg)

"Le numérique à l’ancienne", review about Imachinationproject in Alexandria by Hayssam Khachaba, Al-Ahram Hebdo

"Es ist nicht immer Sex drin, wo Sex drauf steht." interview about Pixelsex and the Imachinationproject in Alexandria, Acher-Rench-Zeitung (71 Kb, Pdf)

September 05

The imachinations started with a huge Egyptian media echo in radio, press and TV in Alexandria: e.g. Wafd from 30/08/05 (pdf, 220 Kb), Elakhbar (pdf, 47 Kb).

April 05
cover story of "Hausmitteilungen" at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe about the presentation of KASCADE project at Kunstfassade Munich (pdf, 335 Kb)

"(Wissenschafts-)Kunst am Bau", feature about the Kunstfassade Munich in Max-Planck-Intern Issue 02/05 (pdf,157 Kb)

21.02.05 21:20 "Unkraut" reported from the internet art façade, ca. 2 min. Bayern 3 TV, br-online.de

Interview with Tim Otto Roth at "Vor Zwölf", SWR2 Radioclub (Baden-Württemberg UKW 96,2), Mittwoch 11:53

February 05
"Pixel Art" by Kurt Riesselmann, symmetry magazine (webpage or pdf-document 3309 Kb)

"Hochenergetisch - Forschunszentrum Karlsruhe an Kunstprojekt beteiligt" by Gerhard Wolff, Badische Neueste Nachrichten (100 Kb, Pdf)

"Die Welt als Datensammlung" by Manfred Lossau, Offenburger Tageblatt
(419 Kb, Pdf)

"Oppenau würdigt seinen Preisträger - Tim Otto Roth beim Bürgerempfang ausgezeichnet", Acher-Rench-Zeitung (56 Kb, Pdf)

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ˆtopˆ video documentation:
"I see what I see not", Kunstfassade München 2003/04:
Deutsche Fassung (6,5 min., Quicktime, 9,8 Mb)
Englisch Version (5,5 min., Quicktime, 8,0 Mb)

"100 Days - 100 Imachinations", 2003-2005:
Deutsch, Quicktime, 3,09 min. 13,7 Mb
English, Quicktime, 3,09 min. 13,7 Mb

ˆtopˆ downloadable documents / herunterladbare Dokumente:

Press dossier 2003-2006 about "I see what I see not" at Kunstfassade München, (German/ English) kufapressdossier.pdf (pdf, 6288 Kb)

June 2005
"public works 2002-2005" - a documentation of Tim Otto Roth's projects in the public space (English, pdf, 2574 Kb)

December 2002 download the whole catalogue (German) imachination2002.pdf (!38350 Kb!)

November 2002 interview with Tim Otto Roth by Miriam Seidler (German) interview1102.pdf (228 Kb)

March 2001 catalogue "Digitale Bildwelten" - Kreissparkasse Recklinghausen S.24-27 (German) (pdf, 1,22 Mb)

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curriculum vitae (English, pdf 174 kb, Octobre 06)

تيـم cv in arabic (Arabic, pdf 75 kb, August 05)

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