The Imachinations work with the simplest form of complexity: the addition of only two components. 

Often the change of the daily appearing imachinations seems to be very radical. But an imachination changes each day only for the half. That means only one of the two wave patterns is changed (further view...).

following imachinations: they often don't seem to change only half

Formally the work seems to be close to colour field paintings. But the artist steps back during the “creation” of the pictures. The aim is not to find a balance of colors on a canvas as an idealistic place. It is more to observe the complexity on the picture that transcends the human capability of perception during the process of creation (artist) and contemplation (spectator).

Why scaled stripes?

The “stripes” are made of greyscales from white to black. On the first view this scale seems to be abstract, but on the second it represents the whole range from dark to bright. The white and the dark can also be substituted by other colors. So we have no symbolic system but even  representational system that works with the whole visual spectrum of the world.

More about how Pi changes the colour and number of scales of the singel patterns: Pi.