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Maria Cecilia Barbetta 20 July 2020 Video record of the public talk with Maria Cecilia Barbetta at Museen Aschaffenburg is now online as 6 minute version with English captions and as full lenght video on Twitter Icon.

6 March 2020 "Logical Fantasies" now available: The catalogue published by Kehrer has been offcially presented on 6 March in occasion of the opening of the related solo show at Kunsthalle Jesuitenkirche, Aschaffenburg, D

From3 October - 3 December 2019Cosmic Revelation changes the little towers of the Villa Baron von Oppenau into flickering cosmic light sculptures in the evening hours during the weekends.

31 October 2019
Reality and World Generation, guest talk by Dr. Sibylle Anderl in the context of the supporting program for AIS³ [aiskju:b] at Ludwig Forum for Internationale Kunst, Aachen, D, 18:00h

17 October 2019
Tim Otto Roth: Künstler, Wissenschaftler und Gesellschaftsanalytiker, guest talk by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ulrich in the context of the supporting program for AIS³ [aiskju:b] at Ludwig Forum for Internationale Kunst, Aachen, D, 18:00h

12 September 2019
Space Is (Not Always) A Place , guest talk by Robert Barry (London) in the context of the supporting program for AIS³ [aiskju:b] at Ludwig Forum for Internationale Kunst, Aachen, D, 18:00h

extended until 31 August 2019
From the Rocket to the Moon, group show featuring Cosmic revelation, Galerie Parrotta Contemporary Art, Burg Lede, Bonn, visit on request. Watch some impressions on Twitter Icon

11 May – 25 August 2019
24 shadowgraphs of flora domestica on show at "Aufgeblüht und abgelichtet: Blumen in der Fotografie", featuring 30 flower positions from Karl Blossfeldt to today, Galerie Stihl, Waiblingen, D

5 March 2019

Saphed - Laal: A rescent blog post by the Christian Schad Museum looks back to the Kick Off for the MaSo-Carpet-Project in India.

17 October 2018
presentation of SMART>SOS, in occasion of the jubilee "10 years Fraunhofer ENAS", Chemnitz, D

13 – 16 June 2018
Premiere of SMART>SOS, Studio 5, IRCAM/Centre Pompidou, Paris

further recent news in the news archive:

25 January 2018
new project page for the Vertigo Starts project SMART>SOS is online now, see link. Read more...

22 December 2017
Artist visualises research on biological supercomputers of the future, Linnaeus University, Kalmar. Read more...

12 October - 4 November 2017
Circulating Sounds – Deep Doppler meets mathematical socialism, premiere of two new sound installations at Goethe Institut Hanoi. Read more...

12 July 2017
Tim Otto Roth in an interview in Avignon talking about his upcoming Vertigo residency project. vertigo.starts.eu.

11 July 2017
SMART>SOS a collaboration with Bio4Comp is awarded with a Vertigo Residency by the H2020 STARTS program of the European Commission. vertigo.starts.eu.

8 May 2017
aura calculata is one of the nominated works for the STARTS - Grand prize of the European Commission honoring Innovation in Technology, Industry and Society stimulated by the Arts

13 March2016
Sterea skia, a 20 min. summary of the public talk at New York Stereoscopic Assosciation is now online:

9 November 2016 - 13 January 2017
Light From the other side
, solo show, gallery of the Goethe Institute, Washington D.C.

27 November 2016 - 8 January 2017
Die zweite Natur - Artistic reflections on nature in the digital age, HEK, Basel/ CH, group exhibit in the context of the Regionale.

17 September - 9 October 2016
Cosmic Revelation, public light installation in cooperation with KIT @ light festival "Aufstiege", SV Sparkassenversicherung Zentrale, Stuttgart


11 September 2016 - 8 January 2017Blütenpracht - zeitgenössische Blumenstillleben, group exhibit, Museum Beda, Bitburg


29 May 2016 Finissage of XX oder "der Mummelsee in der Pfanne", at Städtische Galerie Offenburg, with catalogue presentation and concert by Franz Schüssele, 15h


25 April 2016 Now online: Website and video documentation on the organ installation aura calculata which premiered in Offenburg: www.pixelsex.org/aura.

20 February - 29 May 2016 XX oder "der Mummelsee in der Pfanne", solo show at Städtische Galerie Offenburg, opening 19 February 19h


18 September 2015 - 7 February 2016 sterea skia, shadow related public projection at the projection Biennale Lichtsicht 5, Bad Rothenfelde.

19 June - 9 August 2015 The sound UFO Heaven's Carousel landed in the context of the international art exhibition Globale in Karlsruhe (Germany) accelerating after sunset at the Friedrichsplatz the visitors to new sound spheres.

23 April - 2 May 2015 The Heaven's Carousel has premiered in the US in occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope. The presentation is running in the evening hours at the American Visionary Art Museum in the Inner Harbour of Baltimore..

20 May 2015 Official opening of aura calculata, a permanent sound installation based on cellular automata in the lobby of the Lehmann-Zentrum Computer Center of TU Dresden. Special introduction "Kalkulierte Poetik" by Helga de la Motte-Haber. Informatikbau, Noethnitzer Strasse 46, 19h.

25 Januar - December 2015
2015. Weitblick, group exhibit in occasion of the jubilee 150 years Münster tower, Stadthaus Ulm.


19 April - 17 May 2015
Verborgene Schätze aus Ortenauer Kunstsammlungen, group exhibit, Künstlerkreis im Artforum, Offenburg

12 August 2014
Offical inauguration of memento 190, a temporary memorial for the deads of WW1 from the Black Forest town Oppenau - with a lecture of poems from August 1914. Begin: 19:30 h.

20 March 2014
Das Universum im Museum, 6 minute feature on the German science broadcast nano about the preparations for the Heaven's Carousel in Cologne.

17 March 2014
The Heaven's Carousel premiered in the palm garden of the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome. The huge kinetic sound installation comprising 36 rotating loudspeakers was developped in collaboration with Hubble Space Telescope and connects cosmology and music.

December 2013
Roth, Tim Otto; Hook, Richard; Doane, Alison: Das Mißtrauen gegenüber der Farbe im Bild - zur späten Ankunft der Farbenfotografie in der Astronomie, in: Rundbrief Fotografie 20 (December 2013) 4, S. 3-4. (cover story)

October 2013
Resumée of From the Distant Past has appeared in Leonardo Magazine, October 2013, Vol. 46, No. 5, pp. 492-493. See also: Project Muse

26 September 2013
Earth flash”, presentation and co-chair in the session E5.4 "Space as Artistic Medium" at 64th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Bejing

12-21 April 2013
Prison of the Senses, invisble light installation & I want to get in!, site specific two channel sound installation, Kunsttage Offenburg, Altes Gefängnis Offenburg,

March 2013
The Hubblecast 63 looks back to presentations of From the Distant Past in Venice, Baltimore and New York and discusses in interviews with Bob Fosbury (ESO), Antonella Nota (STScI) and the artist Tim Otto Roth the meaning of spectra in science and art. (more...)

STScI Newsletter

8 February 2013
The Sonapticon - space as an acoustic network, talk with Benjamin Staude given on the symposium »Neuroaesthetics« in November at ZKM Karlsruhe, has appeared as a free download on iTunes.

10 December 2012
Artist collaborates with neuroscientist to build 'audio-neurons', review by Robert Barry in occasion of the Premiere of the Sonapticon at ZKM, wired.co.uk .

22November 2012
Premiere of the Sonapticon: The project connecting neuroscience and acoustics is presented as a concert with the 43 loudspeakers at the ZKM's Klangdom in occasion of IMATRONIC Festival and the international Neuroaesthetics symposium. Location: Kubus, ZKM Karlsruhe, 19:00. More...

4 October 2012
Beyond pretty pictures, talk about "From the Distant" at the International Astronautical Conference, Naples/ Italy. Above all Tim Otto Roth is co-chairing two sessions on space art.

August 2012
The Space Telescope Science Institue Newsletter reports on From the Distant Past as cover story in its first issue in 2012. (more...).

18 June 2012
Zwischen Coloursex und Spektralanalyse - wenn Kunst, Kalkül und Wissenschaft aufeinandertreffen guest talk at the Schloß of Erlangen on invitation by the Leonardo Kolleg of the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, 18:00


May 2012
The book Kartographisches Denken (Wien (Springer) 2012) by Christian Reder has appeared. The large book of 700 pages Wien on "cartographic thinking" comprises the essay facing science – die Berliner Wissenschaftslandschaft als Geflecht mit vielen Gesichtern reflecting the facing science project 2010 in Berlin linking it with the diagrammatic ideas of Vilém Flusser. The official book presentation is at the Atelier Medial Kunst at Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien on 24 May, 18:00.

Symmetry Magazine

April 2012
In its April 2012 issue the symmetry magazines reports about "From the Distant Past" in the article A creative explosion.

Symmetry Magazine

January-Februrary 2012
Tim Otto Roth is official guest artist/composer at the Institute for Music and Acoustics at the Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe and receives a two months grant. Together with Benjamin Staude he is ellaborating a sonic environment in the Klangdom of the ZKM converting the 43 loudspeakers into acoustic neurons. The premiere of the Sonapticon will be in November 2012.



8 November 2011
Pixels and Spectra: Reflections on the Boundaries of Image and Color in Astrophysics, presentation by Tim Otto Roth and astrophysicist Frank Summers (Space Telescope Science Institute) at the School of Visual Arts, New York City (free & open to public)

14 - 27 November 2011
From the Distant Past was presented in collaboration with the Space Telescope Science Institue as public laser projection pulsing over the Hayden Sphere in the American Museum of Natural History's Rose Center for Earth and Space.

10 October 2011
Tim Otto Roth on using Hubble data as art, interview for Earthsky by Laura Dattaro about the presentation of "From the Distant Past" in Baltimore.

25 August - 18 October 2011
"From the Distant Past" was presented in collaboration with the Space Telescope Science Institue as spectacular public laser projection at the Maryland Science Center in the Inner Harbour of Baltimore, MD.

September 2011
Roth, Tim Otto; Deutsch, Andreas: Universal synthesizer and window - cellular automata as a new kind of cybernetic images, in: Grau, Oliver; Veigl, Thomas (Ed.): Imagery in the 21st Century, Cambridge/Mass. (MIT Press) 2011, pp. 269-288.

17 August 2011
the record of the string concert "Verschränkung" is now online as ZKM Video Cast

16 July 2011
Première of the composition "Verschränkung" for 20 string players in occasion of the symposium "Molecular Aesthetics", ZKM Karlsruhe (D), 19:30.

13 July - 10 October 2011
Photographies 1858-2011, group show at Galerie Remixx, Graz (A)

7 July 2011
POSITION IV has been released. It will presented in occasion of the exhibition opening "Schatten.Schichten - Sabine Große" curated by T. O. Roth, Marx Galleries, Offenburg (D), 19:00.


23 May 2011
How many photons do we need to create a picture? - talk by Tim Otto Roth at the conference "Galaxies, Near and Far" in honour of Bob Fosbury, Villa Aureli, Perugia (Italy) May 23-25, 2011



18 November 2010 - 06 March 2011
Chromology, at Iris - die Erfindung der Farben, Städtische Museen Wetzlar

31 October - 21 November 2010
Farbe, Licht und Experiment, group show at Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, opening 28 October

24 September 2010 - 9 January 2011
facings science, a project in the context of the 300 year jubilee exhibition WeltWissen, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, opening 23 September

1 August - 17 October 2010
BLENDWERK - Barocke Haltungen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst, Schloß Achberg, Ravensburg, opening 1 August 11:00

art & science at Kunstfassade München

September 2010
Marks Laura: Enfoldment and Infinity: An Islamic Genealogy of New Media Art, Cambridge (MIT Press) 2010. Laura U. Marks refers in chapter 8 "Ancestors to the Morph" to the presentation of the Imachinations at the Library of Alexandria (p.247).

September 2010
Cover picture from the cycle "Meeresleuchten" and further reproduction in the issue on media of the magazine Art & Thought/Fikrun Wa Fann (September 2010)

June 2010
Cosmic Revelation: Making Astroparticles Visible, CAP Journal N°8 (June 2010), pp. 8-11

June 2010
"Lichtstück" an essay on Michael Schuster's luminogram installation from 1984 has appeared in: Fiedler, Elisabeth; Weibel, Peter (Ed.): Michael Schuster - For Your Information, Köln (Walther König) 2010, pp.243-259.

5 June till 29 August 2010
"Chromology" is presented at the exhibition "Color continuo" at Runge Haus, Wolgast (more...)

May 2010
"SEXO DE PIXÉLES" interview by Ferenz Jacobs in the special issue 63 "Iluminados" of Lamono Magazine/ Barcelona [E]. (p.34-35)

Spring 2010
"ART + SCIENCE NOW: How scientific research and technological innovation are becoming key to 21st - century aesthetics" by Stephen Wilson has appeared. "I see what I see not" is introduced there in the physics section. More on publisher's site or author's companion site.

Thursday, 25 February 2010
Presentation of Cosmic Revelation at the Conference „Astroteilchenphysik in Deutschland: Status und Perspektiven“ at DESY in Zeuthen.


11 December 2009 - 9 January 2010
"Coloursex" is presented as large window work in occasion of the exhibition "Farbe materiell – Farbe immateriell" at Festspielhaus Hellerau/Dresden.

10 November 2009
Now online: public talk "Pixelsex or Cosmic Revelation – how art and science can meet in public space", talk at the Globe of Science and Innovation, CERN, Geneva (CH). Videostream:

24 October 2009 - 27 February 2010
"Color continuo 1810...2010 - System und Kunst der Farbe" at Altana-Galerie, Dresden 19:00. In occasion of this large exhibition focussing the phenomenon of colour the light installation "Chromology" is presented for the first time. (more...)

5 - 10 October 2009
Residency as guest artist at CERN including a public talk at the Globe of Science and Innovation, Geneva (CH) more:

22 September 2009 Now online: Geman video feature on Cosmic Revelation by Welt der Physik.

16 September - 24 September 2009
Tim Otto Roth is invited as an artist in residence at the at the European Southern Observatories (ESO). Public talk at the headquarter in Garching/Munich on 21 September see:

4 September - 4 October 2009
Cosmic Revelation is presented with two mirror sculptures at the Cyberarts 09 exhibition at OK Center Linz presenting the best and most interesting entries in the Prix Ars Electronica.

16 July 2009
Coloursex - a new large sitespecific window work was realized for a group exhibition with Werner Schmidt, Heinz Schultz-Koernig and Gabi Streile at the cylce KIB (Kunst im Büro) at Koehler, Oberkirch (more....)

1 June 2009
"Cosmic Revelation", article by Tim Otto Roth & Andreas Haungs in the section Transactions, Leonardo Vol. 42, Issue 3 (2009).

27 May 2009
official announcement of a "Honorary Mention" for Cosmic Revelation in the category Hybrid Arts at Ars Electronica 2009 in Linz.

26 April - 7 June 2009
"Konkrete Farbfotoarbeiten" - group exhibition by Christoph Dahlhausen, Robert Davis and Tim Otto Roth at Verein für aktuelle Kunst Oberhausen

16 April 2009
"Flashes of Cosmic Brilliance", review on Cosmic Revelation by Martin Kemp in Nature 458, p. 836

Monday, 30 March 2009
Cosmic Revelation - an art & science cooperation with the KIT Center for Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics (KCETA). Cosmic Revelation changes in the evening the detector field of KASCADE into a giant light field of 40.000 sqm! Visitors are pleased to register in advance for the KASCADE symposium: Registration.

1 January 2009
"Colour Agenda 2009": An exclusive New Year edition just has appeared applying the pixel sex principle to colours - a chromatic symphony.
The limited offset edition gives a little fortatste for an upcoming larger light art installation in 2009.


28 August - 20 December 2008
Colours of the Universe at the exhibition "rot. grün. blau. Experiment in Farbe und Licht“, Fischerhütte Ilmenau, opening 28 August 10:30

Friday, 27November 2008
Podcast on "Welt der Physik" by Jens Kube interviewing Andreas Haungs and Tim Otto Roth about the launch of "Cosmic Revelation" (ca. 5 min., mp3, German)

Monday, 10 November 2008
Cosmic Revelation - an art & science cooperation with the KIT Center for Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics (KCETA). First light at 17:00 close by the Audimax of the University Campus, Karlsruhe.

26 October - 13 December 2008
Gegenstandslos, Gesellschaft f. Kunst u. Gestaltung e.V., Bonn

15 October 2008
Sonderpreis für Kreativität der Gastronomischen Akademie Deutschland e.V. on the Book Fair Frankfurt for the cookbook "Genie Essen", a unique project by the chilli mind company joining 64 creatives around the world to design recipes about the hot and spicy fruit. The cover picture - a specical creation by Tim Otto Roth - shows the record of the pure chemical traces left by two halves of a pepperoni on an ektachrome sheet film. www.genie-essen.com

latest publications, see also: bibliography

November 2008
This is not a photograph - some remarks on the photogram as a picture, in: Auer, Anna; Schögl, Uwe (Ed.): Congress of Photography in Vienna, Salzburg 2008, pp. 464-469.
August 2008
Ars Photoelectronica - Astronomie als Königsdisziplin der Farbe,bende Bilder, in: Scheurmann, Konrad (Ed.): rot.grün.blau. -Experiment in Farbe & Licht, Ilmenau 2008, pp.S.90-93.
July 2008
Lebende Bilder - zu Paul Lindners Naturgeschichte der Schattenbilder, in: Kultur und Technik 3/2008, Deutsches Museum, pp.56-60.

Sunday, 2 November 2008
Music of Life, matinee at CYNET-Art festival, Theaterhaus Hellerau, Dresden, 11:00
Wednesday, 10 September 2008
Music of Life, evening concert at the German Conference on Bioinformatics at Deutsches Hygienemuseum, Dresden, 19:00
Saturday, 16 August 2008
Music of Life, Lange Nacht der Kunst, Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop

20-24 April 2008
Guest artist at the Max-Planck-Institut for Cellbiology and Genetics (MPI CBG) in Dresden working especially in the research groups of Marino Zerial and Stefan Diez.

N° 500 31 March 2008
Imachination N° 500 appeared in Vienna on the last day of March. Since 2002 the web based image cycle has been presented in 9 leading institutions from art & science from 5 countries in and out of Europe. (overview...)

28 Feburary - 18 May 2008
The Imachinations were presented in a specially designed room at the large exhibition Genau und Anders - Mathematik in der Kunst von Dürer bis Sol LeWitt, Museum für Moderne Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien.

January 2008
The Cosmic Flash project clip presented at ESA International Space Exploration Conference is now online! The movie includes an interview with the astronaut Christer Fuglesang made by Alexander van Dijk and Tim Otto Roth in November at the Axica Centre Berlin. The Swedish astronaut reports about his light flashes on his last space mission STS 116: (mpg, 117 Mb).

latest press feedback

31 March 2008
"Bilder aus der Postphogoraphie", review/interview about the Imachinations in Vienna by Karsten Bosch, Acher-Rench-Zeitung

previous publications

Spring 2008
Position III: Achim Mohnés Lasergraphs, Oppenau/Köln, Spring 2008. Public presentation on 13 April 2008 at 11:30, Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek der Stadt Köln.

19 October 2007
Imprint, Impression, Expression - Peter Gerwin Hoffmann's Traces in the historical context of the whole-body photogramme, in: Holler-Schuster, Günther (Ed.): Peter Gerwin Hoffmann [Neue Galerie Graz], Köln 2007, p. 216-225 (engl. p. 252-258).
Public presentation of the monography with contributions by Thomas Feuerstein, Florian Matzner, Peter Gerwin Hoffmann, Günther Holler-Schuster, Heimo Ranzenbacher, Tim Otto Roth, Peter Weibel and Oswald Wiener at Neue Galerie Graz (A) at 18:30 on 19 October.

Summer 2007
تيم أوتو روتدروس من الدوكومنتا 12
What are the lessons of documenta 12 -Reflections from the viewpoint of a postmodern artist: essay by Tim Otto Roth published in Fikrun Wa Fann N°86.

previous news & exhibits

18 December 2007
Cookbook with chemigrams and photograms. A chemigram of pepperoni made by Tim Otto Roth adorns a unique chilli cookbook. The cookbook is the result of the chilli mind company project joining 64 creatives around the world to design recipes about the hot and spicy fruit. The cover picture shows the record of the pure chemical traces left by two halves of a pepperoni on an ektachrome sheet film. For the illustration of a South American chilli recipe (N°64) Tim Otto Roth created colour photograms of a cluster of chilli slices. www.genie-essen.com

8 December 2007
"Licht aus/ Lights off" - a new idea? A quite different approach was made in 2004 with "Switch Off", a concept by Tim Otto Roth awarded with the German Light Award: www.switchoff.org

22 September - 18 November, 2007
Stanze - a documentary about Fabio Sandri's room photograms by Tim Otto Roth, Kurpfälzisches Museum Heidelberg, Heidelberg (read synopsis in German).

Wednesday 24 October 2007
Premiere of the videos "Taxi Driver" and "Abuquir - The art to turn left" in occasion of the Filmclub: Kunst Film Kunst at Goethe Institute Egypt Alexandria (read synopsis).

08 July -07 October 2007
Les Neuf Portes de Ton Corps is presented at the exhibition "Die zweite Avantgarde, Das Fotoforum Kassel 1972-1982", Stiftung Moritzburg, Halle an der Saale [D], opening: Saturday 07.07.2007

17-21 September 2007
Tim Otto Roth is invited to be the first artist in residence at the Center for High Performance Computing (ZIH), TU Dresden. There he explores new methods in computing and modeling. The ZIH which opened its doors one year ago belongs to the world's top 100 of high performce computing centres. Public talk on 18 September: Pixelsex: über den Eros von Mathematik und Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

Saturday 30 June 2007
"Effected by quite a different and much simpler process - shadow pictures in the sciences and the arts" - public conference talk by Tim Otto Roth, Lakeside Art Centre & Image Studies Network, University of Nottingham.

28 April 07
Galeria Metropolitana presented the Barcelona Work Box project in a press conference to the public. The new exhibition center and platform for multidisciplinar activities consists mainly of sea containers. It will be built up in the 22@ district of Barcelona. It includes the large container based light installation "Containersex" by Tim Otto Roth.

March 07
The current issue 29 of the Czech architecture magazine zlatý řez is dealing about media facades. A four page feature presents the Pixelsex project in Rotterdam.(link to zlatý řez)

Saturday 27 January
"Das Echo der Dinge" - Matiné with photogram films curated by Tim Otto Roth. Österreichische Fotogalerie am Museum der Moderne/ Salzburg [A] (11.00). More about the screened films: preliminary program.

2006 ˆtopˆ

December 2006
"Bild und Anblick - Versuch über atmosphärisches Sehen" an interview with the philosopher recently went online. It deals about Plato as the originator of the concept of picture, the atmosphere as the big looser of traditional imaging and the weather news as greatest form of theatralization of the invisible. (more...)

November 2006
Finally the catalogue "Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht/Light art from artificial light. " has appeared! The catalogue is with more than 700 pages a quite encyclopedic book presenting much more works and and artists than shown in the past exhibition. The video chip photogram installation is presented on page 173.

Sat 14 October 2006 - 11 February 2007
On Saturday 14 October the photogram exhibition "kamera los! fotogramme im 20. jahrhundert" opens up at the Österreichische Fotogalerie am Museum der Moderne/ Salzburg [A]. Tim Otto Roth’s article "The echo of the things in the celluloid - from the cave cinema to the photogram movie" appearing in the exhibition's catalogue will be the first theoretical essay dealing about the photogram in motion. A film screening will be presented as a matinée in January 07.

Sun 8 October 2006
The "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie" (DGPh) and the "Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek der Stadt Köln" invite round: Jenseits der Photographie: Das Photogramm", public talk by Tim Otto Roth, at 11:30, Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln [D]

9 -11 September 2006
Taking Control Tim Otto Roth presented for the first time officially the "Cosmic Flash" project at the SPACE SOON Symposium taking place at the Roundhouse, London. Above all the Artscatalysts could arrange an exclusive interview with Alan Bean, the fourth man on the moon, to ask him for his cosmic flash experiences during the Apollo 12 and the Skylab mission (watch excerpt, quicktime, 2.9 Mb).

July 2006
The photogram. Light, Trace and Shadow. Finally a detailed report about the symposium at the Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe has appeared (more...)

Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, the exhibition time has been extended about three months till the beginning of August 2006, ZKM|Museum für Neue Kunst/ Karlsruhe [D]. Part of the giant light art exhibition showing works of about 230 (!) artists is also an installation of a video chip photogram. Info: www.jenseits.net

8/9 April 2006
Das Photogram. Licht, Spur und Schatten. In the context of the large exhibition “Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht” at the ZKM Karlsruhe Tim Otto Roth was invited by Peter Weibel to organize with him an interdisciplinary symposium at the beginning of April that devotes to a medium that has a special relation ship to the different spectra of light: the photogram (more...)

16-20 February 2006
With "Pixelsex" the KPN Telecom Tower built by Renzo Piano changes into the world's largest media light facade. Therefore the facade controle was especially reprogramed to be connected with the internet! The next "Pixelsex" is shown parallel to Art Rotterdam '06: www.pixelsex.org

Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, ZKM|Museum für Neue Kunst/ Karlsruhe [D], opening 19:00, 18 November 2005; Info: www.jenseits.net

2005 ˆtopˆ

13 November 05 - 8 January 06
Fotografie Konret - konkrete Fotografie, Museum im Kulturspeicher/ Würzburg [D]

27 Octobre 2005
"Cyano on the Beach" - exhibition of student's results of Tim Otto Roth's photogram workshop at the Goethe Institute Alexandria, opening 20:00 (10, rue des Ptolemees, Azarita)

9-11 September 2005
"Pixelsex" - a project especially created for the giant KPN Telecom ligth facade was presented during De Wereld van Witte de With festival (Rotterdam, 9-11 September 2005). The project is commissioned by KPN and curated by V2. A cooperation with the bio informatician Jörn Starruß from TU Dresden made it possible to bring "life" to the facade transmitting live via web his simulations of myxo bacteria movements. Tim Otto Roth presented his current projects in a public talk at V2 on 10 Septembre, 16:00
(more: ).

28 August 2005
The Imachinations have started on Sunday August 28 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina ! The New Library of Alexandria will be a completly new playfield for the project creating for 100 days a lucent landmark in the public space of the mediterranean metropole (more...).

June 2005
Preparing the Imachinations for North Africa: Tim Otto Roth visits the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to clear the last technical details for the upcoming presentation in Autumn 2005.

15 April 2005
The Imachination Report III about the presentation at the Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe has appeared. It discusses the concept of imachination with Ludger Brümmer, Barbara Könches, Eva Schürmann, Peter Sloterdijk, Woody Vasulka & Beat Wyss.

14 March 2005
All the three big particle experiments in the United States can be watched in March at the Kunstfassade! This week the gold collision images from the STAR experiment at Brookhaven National Laborator/ US can be followed live at the artfacade Munich. Last week the BELLE-Experiment from the KEK-Accelerator Center in Tsukuba/ Japan was shown. The best time to follow the near realtime events is between 18:00 and 20:00 MET. www.kunstfassade.de/webcam

25 February 2005
The Imachination Report II about the presentation at Schloß Dagstuhl has appeared. It reports about the iconic turn or better to say the diagrammatic turn in computer science. The German printing house Kaufmann in Lahr i. Schw. sponsors the production of the next 5 Imachination Reports.

29 January 2005
Imachinations at the "Top of Europe":The Imachinations started at the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch . Since the 1930's important discoveries in the fields of physiology, meteorology, glaciology, radiation, astronomy and cosmic rays have been made at the station in Central Switzerland.

21 January 2005
"1 von 100" - an introduction and more to the presentation at the ZKM Karlsruhe by Tim Otto Roth, ZKM_Vortragssaal, 19h, admission free (more...)

01 January 2005
"Imachination or no Imachination" - the imachinative aspects of synthetic elements are the subject of the New Year Edition 04/05. The limited edition of borosilicate vials contains soil from the Iraqi desert (more...)