In an artistic context the Imachination appeard yet in 2002 as a large projection in the frame program of the city of Kassel during document XI. Parallel they appeared in the gallery context as a flat screen presentation in Walter Storms Gallery/ Munich. The deepest involvement in the art discussion happened 2004 with the presentation at the Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe. Its director Peter Weibel regards the Imachinations as a “challenge for the classical image, that is to say the notion of the original and originality” With regards to the large projection in the “Subroom” of .the ZKM cube the art and media theoretician Beat Wyss spoke referring to Marcel Duchamp about a „retardation of the calculating process”.

Imachinations at the ZKM Karlsruhe

The most interesting aspect of the Imachinations is that they can not be subordinated to a certain section of art. They touch qualities of new media art, net art, light art, concrete art, op-art or colour field painting. There are formal parallels in the spacial appearance to James Turrell. There are also references to the concrete art of Jesus Soto or Richard Paul Loohse. But whereas Lohse could work systematically on the canvas the Imachinations develop by the superposition their own unpredictible dynamics.

Installation of James Turrell on the Light Art Exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe, 2005/2006
Richard Paul Lohse: Dreissig systematische Farbtonreihen (1950-1955)
Jim Campbell's Illuminated Average #1 is the composite of "Hitchcock's Psycho".
Jesus Soto at Centre Georges Pompidou


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