void & temporality

Imachinations at the ZKM in the morning of 25 February 2005.

The project not only focuses on the projection during the night. The empty screen at daytime plays an important role, too. It emphasizes the material void and the temporality of the project. It is a double game with the unforeseen which questions the materiality of pictures. Just the empty screen keeps material. The immaterial information fills this void. The ensemble of frame and filling constitutes now the picture.

In Karlsruhe the projection disappeared nearly completely in the bright of the day. The impression of a hardly definable mediality and materiality of the Imachinations was reinforced by the spectators movement around the glass cube in the dark.

projection screen in Kassel at day time (2002)

projection screen in Kassel during night


A major quality of the Imachination is, that one and the same picture changes by appearing in different contexts. The idea, to sell an "unoccupied", empty picture, becomes especially interesting in the commercial art context. The first 100 Imachinations were not only presented in the public space during the documenta 11 in Kassel but also in the gallery rooms of the  Walter Storms Galerie in Munich. The pictures will be shown there on a flatscreen presented more or less like a conventional picture. 

empty picture in the gallery

temporary picture 
in the gallery