past delocalization in Kassel from 8 June - 15 September 2002

daily changing, digital projection of 9 by 11 metres parallel to documenta at the University of Kassel/ Holländischer Platz

What we see here is nothing other than the coincidence of 48074462379962 & 74956735188575 [...], we are here in an area where mathematics has also fallen for the discrete charm and poetry of the prime number and where the value of the number Pi is still not tangible despite calculations up to a hundred billion places after the decimal point. This supposed paradox, which is causing our view of the world to become increasingly out of joint, is the starting point for the Imachination by Tim Otto Roth. Karin Stempel, opening speach

The first time the “100 Days – 100 Imachinations” took place for 100 nights parallel to documenta 11 on the campus of the University Kassel in the form of a digital projection. On the screen of 9 by 11 meters every evening a different image appeared, that a projector received by a special program via internet.

More about the presentation in Kassel and in Munich.
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selected reviews

22. Juli 2002
"Eine monumental Projektion", HNA (148 Kb, Pdf-File)

9. August 2002
"Das Bild hinter dem Bild", Offenburger Tageblatt (303Kb,Pdf-File)

Eikon Heft 42/2003 Tim Otto Roth "100 Tage 100 Imachinationen" von Katherina Cerny