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To the beginning of 2004 a limited New Year Edition appears. This time a series of 150 cyanotypes on paper reflect the sharpest star image ever made. More background information about the series and a review on 2003:

18 - 21 May 2004

With regards to Christmas a new cycle starts at the art façade in Munich which reflects the nature of the star of Betlehem. (

On Novembre 11 Tim Otto Roth starts the project "I see what I see not" at the internet art façade in Munich. In cooperation with the Lenbachhaus he developed a concept that shows extreme views of astronomy and particle physics on the façade of 9 by 7 metres. Each of the 76 RGB-elements can be directed via the internet. (

Since two weeks now the Imachinations appear potentially ubiquitous in Germany. As kind of pervasive images they have yet traveled now about 3000 kilometres. (more...)

Parallel to art cologne: "Konkrete Fotografie - Karl-Martin Holzhäuser und Tim Otto Roth". Till Decembre 21 Tim Otto Roth presents some pieces of the edition from the Imachinations 2002 at the in focus gallery.

On October 3-6 Tim Otto Roth transforms during night time the surface of the the German Diamonds and Gemstone Bourse by a 40 by 40 metres projection of the barroco cycle. Photograms of raw gem stones interact with the façade of the architecture. Look the invitation card and visit the barroco project site.

For five days during an imaging conference the Imachinations have found a new reflective counter part as well as a new approach of interplay with architecture. Within the next two weeks interviews with philosophers, computer scientists and a sociologist will be evaluated. First impressions of the interplay between architecture and the Imachinations you find here.

Finally after one year of preparation the Imachinations will start at 24 September in Spizbergen and in Magdeburg. The introduction will be in the auditorium of the University of Magdeburg at 18 o'clock.

"the (non)scale of digital images": An interview with Peter Weibel, head of the ZKM Karlsruhe, initiates the new cycle of the Imachinations. The concept is no deepened exploring the experiences of the imaging avantgardes of the arts, sciences and the it sector e.g. by interviews (more...)

"imachination and pictorial archetype - images beyond the human vision" lecture of Tim Otto Roth in the Atelierhaus Vahle/Darmstadt during symposium „phenomena of light – the historicity of the eye“ (german abstract of the introduction)

ˆtopˆ press review/Pressespiegel 2003:

12/03 "Konkrete Fotografie", review of the gallery exhibition in Cologne by art ambiente, artambiente0312.jpg (81 Kb)

11/03 "Kunstfassade: Das Weltall - unendliche Pixel", review oft the internet art façade by Bayern 3 TV,

13/11/03 "Galaktisches Leuchten - Tim Otto Roth zaubert kosmische Lichtbilder auf eine Hausfassade in der Briennerstraße", review oft the internet art façade by Birgit Sonna, Süddeutsche Zeitung (gif 204 Kb)

13/11/03 "Ferne Galaxien, frei Haus", review oft the internet art façade by M. Bieber including an interview with the physicist Prof. Harald Lesch, TZ (Jpg, 136 Kb)

12/11/03 "Kosmisches Schimmer in der Brienner Straße", review of the internet art façade, by Bernd Graff

"Das digitale Farbwunder von Magdeburg und Spitzbergen", Magdeburger Volksstimme 26 September 2003
txt-file (4,74 Kb), pdf-file (1,31 Mb )

Eikon Heft 42/2003 Tim Otto Roth "100 Tage 100 Imachinationen" von Katherina Cerny

ˆtopˆ medial echo in 2002

HNA 22. Juli 2002 (148 Kb, Pdf-File)
HNA 31. Juli 2002 (88 Kb, Pdf-File)

Offenburger Tageblatt 9. August 2002 (303Kb,Pdf-File)

press centre 2002

ˆtopˆ medial echo in 2000

Offenburger Tageblatt, 2/11/2000
"Der Künstler ist kein Schöpfer" - start of 

ˆtopˆ downloadable documents / herunterladbare Dokumente:

December 2002 download the whole catalogue (German) imachination2002.pdf (!38350 Kb!)

November 2002 interview with Tim Otto Roth by Miriam Seidler (German) interview1102.pdf (228 Kb)

March 2001 catalogue "Digitale Bildwelten" - Kreissparkasse Recklinghausen S.24-27 (German) (pdf, 1,22 Mb)

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