past delocalization from 24 till 28 September 2003

52,1°N, 11.4°O Institut für Simulation & Graphik, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg/ Germany

Parallel to the Congress BILDWISSENSCHAFT- ZWISCHEN REFLEXION UND ANWENDUNG ( September 24-28) the Imachinations appeared as backprojection of 7 by 5 metres on a projection nettel at the building of the new building of the University Library of Magdeburg just beside the Institute for Simulation and Graphics.

The new building of the Library of the University Magdeburg beside the Institute for Simulation Graphics was the place for the first five days of apparition. The building was planed by the architect office Auer - Weber + Assoziierte, München/Stuttgart. During the five days of the congress the Imachinations appeared as a big backprojection on nettle.

There was an agreement to let appear the Imachinations at the entrance of the library as a projection on a glass wall for the remaining 95 days. Unfortunately the engagement was broken. So the Imachinations just appeared more fugitive and pervasive.

The statue of Archimedes looks on the Pi based Imachinations. The greek scienctist took an essential part in the development of Pi. The Instiute for Simulation and Graphics is in the backsground

A new quality of presentation was the free hanging of the nettle screen between two free standing pillows. So the spectator could walk around the Imachinations in a complete circle of 360°. The (im)materiality of the projection was accentuated in that way. Above all the wind let wave the projection ground. So floating in the air the Imachinations seemed to bee animated by the digital spirits.

imachination floating in the air...

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Institute for Simulation Graphics