Reactive Zone

In this interview series the concept of imachination is reflected with various experts from the sciences, the arts and the humanities. The Imachination project is not a typical art & science project dealing about art, but it is a project with the sciences as a new imaging avant-garde. The presentations in scientific places are the occasion for a direct dialogue with scientists being involved in contemporary imaging processes. This reactions provide an insight into to the material culture of imaging and elaborates the scientist's pictorial tacit knowledge.

The imaging chain

The interviews follow the logic of the imaging chain: In consideration to the digital techniques, imaging has become a complex process. The final visual output is the product of an elevated division of work. Experts from various disciplines contribute and influence the pictorial end of the chain. This cooperation also means that different ideas of “what an image should be” are part of the pictorial result.
the imaging chain - interplay of different views and conceptions

This kaleidoscope of different pictorial conceptions is the Imachinations playing field. The dialogue with the chain members wants to cast a light on how the imaging chain is linked together. Finally the interviews want to explore those various views and to compare it with theoretical positions from philosophy and media theory, too.

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Spitzbergen (NO)
Jens Kube

ZKM Karlsruhe (D)

Ludger Brümmer
Eva Schürmann
Peter Sloterdijk
Woody Vasulka
Peter Weibel
Beat Wyss

Schloss Dagstuhl (D)

Thomas G. Dietterich
David Jensen
Jennifer Neville
C. David Page
Michael Werman
Reinhard Wilhelm

Jungfraujoch (CH)

Erwin Flueckiger

Magdeburg (D)

Dominic M McIver Lopes
Christa Maar
Frieder Nake
Lutz Priese
Klaus Rehkämper
Andreas Schelske
Lambert Wiesing

still pervasive places

Andreas Glindemann
Ekkehart Krippendorff
Helga de la Motte-Haber
Joseph Weizenbaum

interviews not listed in the reactive zone:

Bibliotheca Alexandrina (EG)

Mustafa al Abbadi
Laila Abdel Hady

interview transcriptions: Bernhard Schulte/ Berlin & Christiane Schuck/ Berlin