past delocalization from 24 September 2003 till 02 January 2004



The Imachinations have become an ubiquitious and pervasive medium in Germany. Day per day they accompanied Tim Otto Roth to new places (watch single picture series) .

Technics:The imachinations become pervasive by the use of a Nokia D211 card. So via GPRS they could appear nearly in every place of Germany.

Imachinative view out of the window of the Koldewey Station: the polar night approaches day per day (more...)

Peter Weibel (ZKM) about the ubiquity of the Imachinations:
Emerging at the same time dislocated in different places the Imachinations are both - either original or copy. One image is not the reproduction of the other one. Though you see very obviously a radical challenge of the classical image, that is to say the notion of the original and originality.

More about pervasive computing:

Issue Novembre 2004