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sterea skia (2015/2016)

Do you sometimes have a feeling in a museum that you're standing in a wood? With sterea skia Tim Otto Roth has viewers stand in a forest, though not in-between the trees, but in the midst of their shadows. The computer is filled with wintry, leafless trees, then lit from the center with a red and a blue source of light. Encompassing walls have been turned into projection screens. The shadows cast by the trees are printed on lengths of fabric and presented as a u-shaped textile wall. Seen through red-blue eyeglasses, the shadows detach themselves from the upper surface and become three dimensional, appearing before or behind the picture plane. It can, in some instances, take a while before your eyes adapt to the glasses, when the effect then ceases. It is now that you get the impression of standing in a wood.

The work was carried out in collaboration with the Alfred Apelt Company (Oberkirch). More about sterea skia.