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Intervals (2001) & Imachinations (2005 – 2009)

In antiquity a close relationship between music and mathematics had already been accepted, so that the Pythagorean music of the spheres was seen to harmonize in integral proportions. In a similar way today, many musical intervals, that is, the relationship between two single tones, can be described by just such 'harmonious' proportions that are manifest in numbers. In the cycle Intervalle, light and dark gradations across these numerical ratios are placed in relation to each other. The Imachinationen are mathematically inspired. Their color gradients are based on fourteen successive decimal points of the circle constant of pi. Within the framework of 100 Days – 100 Imachinations, and its documentation in the hallway, Tim Otto Roth every day took two progressions and superimposed them. In this composite, the hundred-day presentation ends at the New Library of Alexandria. Out of which, in an eye-dazzling tableau, comes a number that could be continued into infinity.

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