delocalization - globalisation

ships could be a temporal, delocalised home for the imachinations

A wonderful playground for the imachinations could be ships or even airships. Those transport media signify a slowdown. Above all ships, in the air on water, delocalise the Imachinations and carry them from one place to another. So the Imachinations as dynamic images could get a dynamic place.

But there is yet another appeal to present the imachinations on a ship. The Imachinations as interference images can be reflected and refracted by the play of the sea surfaces – the immaterial model meets its material subject.

Sea trade is a classical form of global exchange of information by different cultural goods. 

Corresponding to the data packages in the information networks the container embodies the equivalent of the quantization of material goods. Finally it is the contemporary medium of the international cross-border trade.

As a material pixel is an ideal place to house the Imachinations. So the Imachinations could travel delocalized around with different transport media like ships or trains. (more...)

simulaton of the upcoming Containersex for WORKBOX in Barcelona

Currently a further project based on sea containersis planned. "Containersex" will be realized in Autumn 2008 for the Barcelona Workbox. A cluster of 5 by 5 inside illuminated sea containers creates with the open front sides an extensive, but minimalist matrix. The colours changing at regular intervals are controlled by the interaction of neighbouring colour cells. So the container as „pixel“ of the international trade turns into an interacting light corpus (more...).