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"Data result from the maximum of decontextualized information." interview with Frieder Nake

The Imachinations can be conceived more as a model for the profane imaging than an artificial technique. The project tries to go conceptually to the bottom of code based images. Looking to the computational steps of the creation of the Imachinations, the project scrutinizes notions like information, data, code or content. To which concept the different levels of computations shall be assigned to:
- the algorithm, based e.g. on Pi?
- the program, which transcribes Pi into image data?
- the software, which fetches the image from the internet?
- the image, which informs an “empty” screen?


In the informational contex the Imachinations were shown yet at the New Library of Alexandria as an institution which functions as signal for the information age in the oriental countries. Above all the Imachinations were shown in Germany at Schloß Dagstuhl the eminent International Conference and Research Center for Computer Science.

The imachinations were shown in Autumn 2005 at the New Library of Alexandria  


The project was also discussed with organizations involved in the development of the WWW like CERN. (More about that development...)
Also projects in remote places, e.g. wireless projects in Alaska or in the Himalaya, were contacted.

the highest cybercafe of the world at 5300 m 

page, that reports about the pioneers of the internet, here Tim Berners-Lee


Gillies/Cailliau: How the Web Was Born. The Story of the World Wide Web, Oxford 2000

Weaving the Web: The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web
by Tim Berners-Lee, Mark Fischetti (Contributor)  HarperBusiness; (2000)

the world wide web allows new forms to create, store and communicate information: