past delocalization from 24 September 2003 till 02 January 2004

79°N, 11.9°O Koldeway Station, Königsfjord, Ny-Ålesund/ Spitzbergen

In 2003 the Imachinations appeared for the first time in a scientific context at the most northern civil knot in the World Wide Web at the Koldewey-Station on the arctic Spitzbergen. The Imachinations appeared as a screen presentation in the window of the seminary room. So during the 100 days not only the development of the Imachinations could be followed via web cam but also the approaching polar night.

The most northern perspective by a webcam: View out of the station's windows from 9.10.2003
(view clip page with the whole cycle[ca. 600 Kb, Mp4])

Spitsbergen belongs to the most northerly group of islands in the Arctic. Scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute have been working in Ny-Ålesund since 1988. In August 1991, Germany opened its new Koldewey research station here. It offers research facilities for scientists in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, geophysics and atmosphere physics.

Jens Kube, station head in winter 2003/04, relates the research in Ny-Ålesund to the concept of the Imachination's imaging chain in the following way: It is like a puzzle: We link our instruments very well, so we have quite a big camera with very different single imaging processes. (read interview..)

View from the Zeppelin Mountain on Ny-Ålesund

History: Götz was in 1929 the first German in the Kingbay who made climatological measurements (vgl. Zum Strahlungsklima des Spitzbergensommers)

Issue Novembre 2004

Spitzbergener Zeitung
Autumn 2003

(pdf, 1590 Kb, German, pp. 3-5)


Das digitale Farbwunder von Magdeburg und Spitzbergen, Magdeburger Volksstimme 26 September 2003
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Imachination partner:

Special thanks to Jens Kube- head of the Koldewey Station!