past delocalization from 24 September 2003 till 02 January 2004

The first phase of the second cycle ended with the 200st Imachination on 02 January 2004.

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The Imachinations have become an ubiquitious and pervasive medium in Germany. Day per day they materialized in new places (view clip page [ca. 600 Kb, Mp4]

Before they appeared as a large backprojection about 7*5 metres between 24 and 28 October during an imaging conference in Magdeburg(more...).

Imachinative view out of the window of the Koldewey Station: the polar night approached day per day during the project cycle from 24 September 2003 till 02 January 2004 (view clip page [ca. 600 Kb, Mp4]

current ozone data from Koldewey Station

Emerging at the same time dislocated in different places the Imachinations are both - either original or copy. One image is not the reproduction of the other one. Though you see very obviously a radical jeopardize of the classical image, that is to say the notion of the original and originality.

Wenn die Imachinationen gleichzeitig disloziert an verschiedenen Orten auftauchen, dann sind sie beides- entweder das Original oder die Kopie. Das eine ist kein Abklatsch vom andern. Man sieht hier sehr deutlich eine radikale Infragestellung des klassischen Bildes, nämlich des Begriffs der Originalität, des Originals.

Peter Weibel – head of the ZKM Karlsruhe (more…)