The Heaven's Carousel introduces also a new harmonic just by the assignment of tones. The classic occidental harmonics describes intervals as fraction of integers. This can demonstrated simply with a string: If  you pick a string, the frequency is doubled when you shorten the string by the half. So the fraction of 1:2 results in an octave. If you divide the string in other fractions of integers the string will produce other intervals.  The whole western chromatic scale of twelve tones and its non-tempered intervals can be described by such fractions.

In the beginning the Doppler effect is used at lower speeds to play with the different harmonics, so the system oscillates between non-tempered and tempered accords. At higher speeds the system enters even in a quarter tones harmonics. At the maximum speed the acoustic “redshift” of the system lies around z≈+-0.04. Red- and blueshifts can be observed in astronomy as a colour shift in one or the other direction of the spectrum expressing the radial velocity and implicitly the distance of a celestial object.

Light echo of the early univers - detail of the Hubble Deep Field. A very distant start explosion (Supernova) was discovered in that record made with the Hubble Space Telescope. This special type of Supernova (Ia) was of importance discovering the accelerated expansion of the Universe. (image: STScI)