The loudspeakers and also the carousel drive are specially designed for the Heaven’s Carousel. The illuminated active speakers are not only water proof, the spherical housing made of unbreakable translucent polyethylene reduces also the air resistance. The loudspeakers comprise a costum built electronics with a digital amplifier (40 W) and a control electronics which are mounted both on the back of the loudspeaker chassis. The electronics controls the sine generator and also the LED illumination. The electronics is connected to the local network by cable
The loudspeakers are flashing up, when they are active translating the frequency of the sine wave into a colour. Here the colour spectrum from red to blue indicates the played pitch.  The installation can run as an installation and/or be presented in a concert like form.

carousel in palmgarden
Testing with the oscilloscope the sound reproduction of the electronics mounted on the back of the loudspeaker chassis.

The speakers are mounted on 12 double strings hanging from the radius arms of a central carousel wheel with the motor drive. Each string comprises three sections with loudspeakers. There are two ways  to hang the structure of the Heaven’s Carousel at a height of about 10 meters. A modern trailer crane with a diagonal boom allows an easy assembly with a minimal intervention on-site. An elegant and almost invisible way is to use steel cables tended between two walls as it was realized at AVAM in Baltimore. The whole system is water proof (IP 65) and uses a low voltage power transmission (24V).

carousel in palmgarden
Scheme of the carousel hanging from a trailer crane.