11 November 2017, Mathematical Socialism: Tim Otto Roth Lights Up Hanoi, feature and interview by Robert Barry, The Quietus

Astronomers without BordersMarch 2014
Interview with Tim Otto Roth by Daniela de Paulis on Astronomers without Borders (part I & part II).

STScI NewsletterMarch 2013
The Hubblecast 63 looks back to presentations of From the Distant Past in Venice, Baltimore and New York and discusses in interviews with Bob Fosbury (ESO), Antonella Nota (STScI) and the artist Tim Otto Roth the meaning of spectra in science and art. (more...)

19 February 2013
Der Flash nachts unterm Himmel, interview by Barbara Imhoff at Radio Orange (A), 17:30-18:00.

10 October 2011

Tim Otto Roth on using Hubble data as art, interview for Earthsky by Laura Dattaro about the presentation of "From the Distant Past" in Baltimore.

May 2010
"SEXO DE PIXÉLES" interview by Ferenz Jacobs in the special issue 63 "Iluminados" of Lamono Magazine/ Barcelona [E]. (p.34-35)

27 November 2008
Podcast by Jens Kube in: Welt der Physik

"Es ist nicht immer Sex drin, wo Sex drauf steht." interview about Pixelsex and the Imachination project in Alexandria, Acher-Rench-Zeitung (71 Kb, Pdf)